Thanks for joining me this fabulous day. So here was my issue. I've had this Ironing board forever, about as long as hubby and I have been together. Well its had the same cover since then. Its got this weird blue and white Asian vine pattern thing. The fact is it was dated. the board itself was in great shape, but that cover has seen better days. I pretty much Iron if not everyday at least 2x a week, so I had to deal with it a lot.

Yeah I know I could have always bought another one, but I forgot that I needed another one anytime I was in the store. Seriously, not once did I go to the home section of any store and think " Hmm I need a new Ironing Board Cover"...Nope, the whole time I had it, not once. Well I was Ironing one day, I think it was the day after I used some Iron on sheets and I ended up getting some of it on the cover itself. I was about to iron hubbies dress shirts, I look down at the board and think, " Eww, I can't use this." So right then and there I decided just to make myself one because I knew I would never remember just to buy one. Plus I was looking for a way to procrastinate on housework and do some crafting :)
Well anyways,enough of the rambling lets get to it.


1. Old sheet

2. Sewing machine and accessories

*Please read all directions before starting tutorial

1. If you take off your old cover, there should be a foam or something that sits under the fabric to make the material more sturdy or softer. Grab that and lay it out on top of the sheet that you intend on using. If for some reason or another your ironing board does not have this just take the board lay it upside down on your sheet.

*You should Iron your sheet first ;)...

2. Pin it on the sheet, and if your using just the ironing board ignore this.

3. Give yourself a 2 inch seam allowance, measure and mark around the ironing board.

4. Using the line you traced, cut it out.

5. Measure 1 inch and Pin. This is where your ribbon will go to keep it secure to the ironing board.

6. Grab your sewing machine and sew all the way around this seam, keep in mind you need to put a ribbon in this therefore the tube has to continue all the way around so that the ribbon goes all the way around. Leave a 5 inch space not sewn so you can put the ribbon in.

7. Measure the fabric all the way around so you know exactly how long your ribbon has to be.

8. Grab the left overs of your sheet and measure about 2 inches across and what ever you measured the length of the ribbon should be and cut. If you need too add length just sew together.

9. Fold that in half and sew close on the long side.

* this is what it should look like once you are done...

10. Take your seam ripper, grab the ribbon. Push a tiny hole into the ribbon to attach it to the seam ripper, put the seam ripper top on and push it though the tube of the ironing board cover. If you do not have a seam ripper use a plastic straw or a pencil. The point is to push the ribbon though the tube of the ironing board.

11. Now all you have to do is put the foam part back on your ironing board if it has one, put the brand new cover on. Tie the ribbon where you did not sew it, then you are done ;) Save the old Ironing board cover for something else, unless its not worth saving. Hope you had fun :) thanks for visiting!!

I wanted to make something for the Little one for Valentines day. I found this tutorial on Pinterest with Little Inspiration and I absolutely loved it. Its so easy too. It takes no time at all to make it. The only thing different I did,instead or sewing the limbs together I sewed on Velcro to each piece. After all what is a robot if you can't build it and take it apart.

She's so adorable :)

Yes, I know I said I would post this Sunday and I dint. What can I say, I have a life :) plus I just finished my wreath tonight. Those dam flowers took forever to make. I seriously hate making those flowers.
You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? Well you will find out once you start making them for this Wreath.
Well lets get to it then...


Coffee filters ( I used about 300 on this wreath)
Food coloring
Scissors (Not your fabric scissors!)
Card Board boxes ( I used 4 12 pack beer/soda boxes)
Glue gun with glue

*Please read all directions before starting project.

1. Grab a huge bowl put 2 cups of water in it, add your food coloring until you get the desired color.

2. Separate coffee filters ( I did 10 at a time) and submerge them in the bowl. Gently wring them out and pile them in a Tupperware till you do about 100 of them.

3. Once that is done, stick them in your dyer on low. You can let them air dry but that will take at least a day to do and no one has time for that. keep an eye on them. I only put mine in for 10 minutes. Do not walk to far away from your dyer, you don't want to start a fire so watch them carefully.

4.once they are dry, they are going to be so wrinkly. You can Iron them if you want but I did not iron mine. Unfold them and stack them by 6.

5.Fold them in half and cut the edge so that it has that scalloped effect.

6.Keep them stacked, put your hand under the pile and pinch them from the bottom.

7. Pinch the bottom all together.

8.And staple the bottom.

9.lay it out flat once again and spread the petals.

10. Take your first layer ( you should have 6) and pinch it together so that it forms the petals.

11. Keep doing so till you get to the last layer.

12.Once you get to the last layer turn it around and pinch the bottom like this.

13. Tape around that bottom, turn it around and "fluff" the flower. There you go, now you just have to make more to fill your wreath which I will show you how to make.

14. Grab your cardboard box, break it down flat. Grab something that you can use to make a big circle. A bowl, a pan, anything as long as its as big as you want your wreath to be. Trace your circle on all 4 boxes. I can only trace half a circle on each cardboard box. I used 4 to layer it. I dint want it flimsy.

15. Cut those out.

16. I measured 3 inches into each circle and cut out the middle. I got way to involved in this step and I forgot to take pictures. The point is to make a big ring with the cardboard boxes.

17. Once you have your ring, staple it together so you have a solid ring, it should not be to flimsy.

18. Once that is done, all you have left is use your glue gun and arrange and glue your flowers to your ring. Repeat steps 1-13 if you need more flowers. Good luck, and don't do this on the floor like I did or your going to have a very sore back by the time your done.

* The heart pillows were a last minute add in to break up the monotony of the pink. To make a pillow see my tutorial. Don't add a lining though. The Doctor Who/minecraft/startrek symbols were added with Iron on transfers. It took me half an hour to do all 3 pillows.