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Stuffed Animal Swing Bag

We have a real issue in this house with stuffed animals, I'm sure anyone with kids can relate. They are seriously everywhere! I've been thinking for a long time in what to make so I can keep these little monsters somehow contained. I looked at the DIY cages, those bags that hold them that look like bean bags. I had an issue with all of them.

One I don't want to spend the money buying anything. I mean I figured I could somehow make something out of an item that I am no longer using.

Two. I am a beginner when it comes to sewing and my machine is also for beginners. I did not want to try to attempt that 5 pannel bean bag. It was exhausting just reading the directions.

It was sometime last week that I was cleaning. I looked in the Lil One's closet and wanted to scream. There were stuffed animals all over the floor, toys all over the floor and clothes I swear I just folded the day before.
Yeah, she's a messy girl. Considering she use to have a playroom and since we've moved, her toys now have to share a walk in closet with her clothes. She has no room for anything. Now this is after we donated more than half her big toys that she's grown out of.

Anyways back to the point. I decided I needed to make something right then to fix the problem. I looked in my fabric stash ( all donated by friends or old clothes/curtains/sheets/blankets that we no longer use) and found a strip of fleece that one of my girls donated to me ( thanks woman!). Yeah it looks like its for a boy, but seriously who cares. The Lil one did but I explained to her that it was a quick solution and I would replace it with "prettier" fabric when I found the right one.

1. Any fabric. Handles(6 of these) Body measures 46x32
2. Coordinating thread
3. Sewing machine
4. Fabric scissors

*Please read all directions before starting project.

1.Laid my fabric out, It came from a friend like this so I just eye balled it and measured it after I cut out the part that I wanted for the straps. Decide how big of a bag you want. Mine measured 46x32.

2. Take the smaller part or the fabric that you cut off and cut it into 3 long straps then cut those in half. Turn those wrong side out and Pin. Do this to all 6 of them.

3. Sew along the long part of the fabric. Make sure that the front of your fabric is on the inside. Then sew ONE end close.

4.Turn them right side out and they should look like so.

5. Take the "bag" part and turn it inside out, then sew the sides.

6. Take the top of your bag and pin it to an inch seam allowance, decide where you need the straps, pin all 6 straps to both sides of the bag, 3 on each side. Then sew the top of the bag all the way down.

7. When that is done go back to your straps and sew the top parts of it to the straps to the bag. Do this with each strap it will reinforce it.

8. Turn it inside out and tie it to wherever you need it, tie straps in a bow then your done!. Simple quick storage solution.

*This pic will show you exactly how big the bag is and how may stuffed animals it should fit, yes it's almost as big as she is.


  1. Love this, its so quick and easy to make. My kids closets thank you!!

    1. Np, I really loved the fact that this project got at least 50% of the stuffed animals off her floor. Sharing is caring :)