We got our Christmas Tree yesterday, while shopping for ornaments I came across the Christmas tree skirts. The skirts that they were selling were over $20, some were $30 which I thought was completely ridiculous considering its just a bit of fabric. I figured why pay for one, when I can just easyly make one :)

Fabric big enough to make as big of a skirt as you want
Fabric scissors
Pot Lid ( I used a small one)
Fabric Marker/Pen/Pencil
Acrylic ruler

1.I grabbed an old fleece Christmas blanket folded it in quarters.

2.Take your fabric scissors cut it from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.

3. Fold that in Quarters.

4. Cut this piece from the bottom left corner IN A CURVE to the top right corner.

5. Unfold it, You should have a circle. I made mine last night, and Our little one had the phone so I couldnt take pics..lol

6. Take your circle, put your pot lid right in the middle of it and trace it.

7.Take your ruler and draw a straight line from the traced circle to the edge of your fabric.

8.Take your scissors cut down that straight line til you get to the traced circle and cut the circle out and there you go, you have your Christmas tree skirt.

Our little one has been asking me to make her Finger-less gloves for at least a week now, I finally got the time and the tutorial to do it with. The only thing different I did, instead of a sweater I used some of her old pants and a long sleeve shirt. It does not get that cold where we live and plus I've been dying to make her something from her old clothes that I dint have the heart to donate.
You can find the tutorial at Instructables.
Wanted to make hubby a catch all bowl so he can stop taking up all my bar space. Hmm whats the cheapest and best way I can do it with recycled products? Paper Mache :) You can find the tutorial here at The Lulu Bird. I used a different glue recipe though. 1 c of Flour, 5 c of water. Heat in a pot and stir till it has the consistency of glue. Here's a pic, keep in mind I had at least 3 glasses of wine before I took this picture and I was on the phone with a girlfriend :)
Again, still trying to decide how to paint it, but I'll make a post when I do. Oh yeah, I did 3 layers of glue and paper.

This has got to be the most useful thing ever. If you can recall I covered those tin cans with fabric, well when I made those fabric boxes. Considering how many I thought I needed it was just exhausting thinking about doing all that sewing. I love to sew, I love doing it for fun, I dont want it to feel like a dam job and that what it would have felt like If I sewed as many as I wanted. Let me get to the point. I found an easier way to do it ( thank god!) The tutorial is at In My Own Style. Keep in mind if you have been saving your cardboard boxes you can make your own boxes. I personally wanted to make the boxes for storage for my pantry. I shaped the boxes to what I wanted to store and now its so much more organized in there.
These are one of my own while making it. I use bobby pins to keep the edges down. It dries within 3 minutes. Of course I also did not use white glue, I used Modge Podge :)

Say hello to my little friend....
This took me like 10 minutes to do if that.I got the tutorial at American Overlook. My mother In Law actually made one of these last year and Our Little One asked if I could make one for her. I recommend using very cheap rice. The only thing different I did was I used modge podge to glue on his buttons instead of a glue gun.
This was really fun to do especially since I got to do it with our Little one. Well since I made the fabric covered monogram, I figured why cant I have a paper mache one?

Once again I got the tutorial for making the cereal box monogram from A Smith of All trades. The recipe I used for the glue is 5 parts water for every 1 part of flour
I put 5 cups of water in a pot, put one cup of flour in it and stirred it til it had the consistency of glue. let it cool down. Grab your newspapers dip it in your glue and go to town :) Once its all covered let it dry for 24 to 48 hours and add another layer of glue and newspaper. The more layers you put on it the harder the monogram will get. I only put 2 layers on mine. I will do a post when I paint this. I'm still trying to decide how I want to paint it. You can also use the rest of your glue for at least another 2 days. I put it in one of my re purposed pasta jars and put it in the fridge. Oh yeah if you live somewhere humid, add a table spoon of salt to your glue while making it to avoid mold.
I love making these,  So easy and pretty.
I dint go out and by special fabric for these, they are basically my scrap fabric. Some is from a curtain, a dress shirt and a pillow case..lol
I made all these in maybe 20 minutes if that. My tutorial came from Somewhat Simple, Enjoy :)
Ok so this one was a bit of a pain. If you decide to do this, when you make  your letter make sure you do not leave the edge or your letters for last.Like an idiot I did and good lawd it was a pain. This project consist of Cereal boxes, tape, modge podge and an old shirt.
I was originally going to make a yarn coverd letter that I pinned at A Smith Of All Trades, but it consisted yarn which I did not have at the moment. So I figured I would use modge podge and cover up my letter with and old Fly Leaf shirt of mine. Follow the instructions on how to make your monogram in the tutorial, grab an old shirt or whatever fabric you want to use draw your letter on the fabric 2x and before you cut it out make sure you have enough fabric to cover the sides. Iron fabric and cover monogram as you would a present and make sure there are no wrinkles ( use your Id or something similar to iron out wrinkles) Let it dry and there you go. You just made something that would have cost you over $15 at a craft store for basically free.I swear I will do better with my own tutorials when it comes to step by step pictures. I dint intend on starting a blog, these where just pics to show my friends on FaceBook.
I loved doing this, and it was so easy.  I simply saved my tin cans from whatever ( soup, veggies, coffee) peeled off the paper, ran it though the dishwasher. Ordered me some Modge Podge from amazon, which is so much cheaper than any craft store ( especially with Primes free shipping) used and old make up brush to apply the modge podge to the DRY tin can. Cut some fabric to fit the cans before hand, applied those to the modge podge covered cans then Viola! Storage space to put any writing utensil, makeup or whatever can fit in the can.
These are currently sitting on our Little Ones desk holding her makers,crayons and pencils. For an in detailed tutorial visit Simplicity in the South. Remember the less you throw away the smaller your family's foot print is :)

Got creamy eye shadow on the floor a few months ago. Tried every spot remover at the store, seriously nothing worked. Got on Pinterest, read some Mommy blogs and a lot of them said vinegar and peroxide. Well hubby cant stand the smell of vinegar so that's out. Tried the peroxide and it works!!!This is me using a tooth brush on it less than 2 minutes its also not the first eye shadow spot I worked on :) Now when hubby walks by the spot he can no longer give me that "hmm" look that made me feal guilty. I swear he wouldn't let it go..lol

I actually read a bit about Windex working, tried it on the spot of the carpet right by the door. Its a bigger spot, it was not stained it was just a bit darker than the rest of the carpet from where everyone walks in and takes their shoes off. Sprayed it down waited maybe 2 minutes and rubbed it with a rag, boom its gone!

I do most of my crafting at night when I tuck the little one in, and every once in a while I have a bit of wine while crafting. I'm pretty sure I had more than a glass the night I tried to make this...
Yeah it looks normal now, but wait until you compare it to the tutorial..lol
Made it for the hubby to keep his car cleaner, yeah I know it super girly fabric but he dint mind. The fabric was sale and he loves saving money. I'm also pretty sure it's sitting in his car empty and unused. The next time I go in there and find it empty I intend on taking it back and just using it myself :) The fabric and interface is left over from the grab and go traveler. I think the only thing I did different was the little top stitch on top so now it looks nothing like the bucket in the tutorial. It's a different interface than what the tutorial asked for but I'm all about using what I have. When I pinned this and decided to make it that night I had no intentions on going to the store and spending more money on interface. I think it still turned out quite well considering I spent no money on it. 
The tutorial can be found at Art gallery Graphics. Enjoy :)
I liked making this, except for that little ribbon that actually holds it to the toilet paper holder. I recommend to make yours a bit thicker than what the tutorial says. It was a pain in the a@@...Folding, ironing and then trying to sew this tiny piece of fabric. My husband recently got an award from work and this is what I made him as a gift..lol He loves it though, of course he loves anything I make. I intend on making a better looking one with better fabric once I get done trying to make new stuff or maybe one night I just want something easy and something I have already made therefore hopefully less mistakes will be made..lol

The fabric is the same old sheet that I made the fabric bins from. yes I still have plenty left. The interface is left over interface from the Grab N Go traveler. I think I'll make one for our Little Ones bathroom but with just one space. The tutorial is at Make It- Love it and again this project cost nothing and you guys know how I love free :)
This project should have interfacing, although the tutorial from Tidbits asked for Iron on interfacing I accidentally bought sew on interfacing. It took a bit more time, but it was not to bad. I made this as a stocking stuffer so I actually bought a bit of fabric this time.

It turned out really well. I did a bit of my own embellishing like the border piping on top of  the pockets. I thought it look unfinished without it. 
I needed some storage for our bathroom and I refuse to spend $15 dollars a pop for a bin, well at least not when I could just easily make it. Keep in mind this is only my second or third sewing project, therefore I am learning, my point is don't judge me monkey :P
This project cost me nothing. I used an old sheet of ours for fabric and an amazon box.
The tutorial is for the smaller box on the right. I doubled the measurements and added pockets for my second box. The tutorial is from Crazy Mom Quilts.