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Doctor Who Bow Tie Tardis Pillow


Tardis blue fabric enough to make as big of a pillow as you want

Black Fabric for the middle of the bow tie

White Fabric to make your Tardis windows

Black Thread

Acrylic ruler

Rotary cutter or scissors

Fabric Pen

Pillow filler

Sewing Machine

* I used an old shirt of mine and an old shirt of our little ones and one black leg of some old yoga pants. There is no point in buying the fabric if you already have it. And I used an old pillow for the stuffing that none of us wanted to have anything to do with cause it was so lumpy and weird.

1. First I cut my blue shirt to make a square. I cut it from the bottom part o the arm pit to the other. If your just using normal fabric measure it to the square size that you want the pillow to be. Leave at least half an inch seam allowance.

*Since I used a shirt, both long sides were already sewn. I used my seam ripper and un-seemed one long side.

2. Cut 4 rectangles out of your white fabric.

3. Turn your 4 rectangles to the wrong side and use your fabric pen to draw your window panes for the Tardis.

4. Take one of your squares for your pillow (blue fabric), pin the windows where you want them. And do the same to the other square.

5. Sew your windows to your blue fabrics, sew over the lines of the window panes that you drew, so that the lines of the windows are prominent.

6. Take both squares, face windows together and pin, sew all sides ( with your seam allowance) together BUT leave at least 5 inches open so you can put the pillow stuffing in.

7. Stuff your pillow, not to full. You want to be able to put the band around it so it looks like a bow. Just like this pic below, but your windows should already be on it.

8. Grab your black fabric and measure a piece that will fit as a band all the way around the pillow length wise. Make sure its as wide as you want it to be.

9. Once you have your black fabric measured, pin the long sides together on the wrong side of the fabric.

10. Sew the long side together and turn it to the right side.

11.Take thumb and middle finger, squeeze pillow in the middle to make a bow (Scientific huh?).

12.Wrap black fabric around to measure what length of it you need.

13. Cut extra fabric if you have any, Fold fabric in half so that the seamed part is on top. Sew ends to close up strap. Twist fabric so that the seam is on the inside part.

14. Do the thumb and middle finger trick again, this will ensure that you get the cute little folds in front for your bow and generally part your pillow stuffing. Work black band around pillow by squeezing one edge. Keep other hand in the middle of the pillow so you know where to place your band and keep stuffing seperated.

15. Now take the 5 inches you left un sewed and iron so that the seam allowance is on the inside.

16. Sew 5 inches in a ladder stitch, If you do not know how to do this you can find a fabulously easy tutorial at How to Sew. And there you go, you got yourself a Tardis Bow tie pillow to remind you how much you adore The 11th doctor :)

Nope its not pro status, but its a pretty freakin neat idea I came up with. Imagine how it would look if a person that had way more experience in sewing made it. Have fun!!!

*I made Our little Ones friends some smaller ones for Christmas presents a few days after I made this Tardis one. The old rule is true, "Practice makes perfect." So I intend on trying this again till its almost perfect :)


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