It's the day before Halloween. We completely forgot to grab our little one a Halloween bucket. Hubby brought home a sewing machine a few weeks before as a surprise so I figured I would make her one. The tutorial is for shopping bags so they were a bit small. I doubled the measurements and made a big sturdy bag that was almost as big as our daughter :)
The pic on the bottom right, the smaller one is the correct measurements on the tutorial. The one on the right is with the measurements doubled. I simply used an old curtain that my sister gave me years ago ( I try to re-use any fabric I can ). It did its job and now it's used to bring groceries up from the car all the way up to our 4th floor. I can fit at least 3 grocery bags in there depending on how strong I think I am that day. I found the tutorial at this great site  Jembelish.
This took maybe half an hour. Super easy and our little one loved it. I also made matching mittens to  go with them.
For the head-wrap tutorial visit Flamingo Toes and if you have fabric left over from the sweater you can find the mittens tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.