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Carpet spot remover that actually works

Got creamy eye shadow on the floor a few months ago. Tried every spot remover at the store, seriously nothing worked. Got on Pinterest, read some Mommy blogs and a lot of them said vinegar and peroxide. Well hubby cant stand the smell of vinegar so that's out. Tried the peroxide and it works!!!This is me using a tooth brush on it less than 2 minutes its also not the first eye shadow spot I worked on :) Now when hubby walks by the spot he can no longer give me that "hmm" look that made me feal guilty. I swear he wouldn't let it go..lol

I actually read a bit about Windex working, tried it on the spot of the carpet right by the door. Its a bigger spot, it was not stained it was just a bit darker than the rest of the carpet from where everyone walks in and takes their shoes off. Sprayed it down waited maybe 2 minutes and rubbed it with a rag, boom its gone!


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