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Dota 2 Burlap couch pillow :)

Ok so not last tutorial, but the tutorial before that I showed you how to print on fabric using your printer (this one).Today I'm going to show you how to apply that fabric to a burlap pillow, hell any pillow for that matter. And also of course to make a couch pillow.

Just so Ya'll know, now that I am writhing this at least a week after using my printer to print on burlap... Well never print on burlap. My printer was perfectly fine printing on fabric until it met burlap that day. Yeah... parts of burlap stayed in the printer and when I tried to use the printer again, it kept on getting a paper jam because the strings of burlap were jamming it up. Anyways to make a very long story short. It took me at least an 30 minutes to clean out my printer and another 30 for it to clean itself til it can actually print normal again. Do not use burlap on your printer. Normal fabric is fine, but do not use burlap ever.

1. Graphic on fabric ( Ignore this if you just want to simply make a pillow)
2. Two pieces of fabric. One for the lining of the pillow, one for the pillow itself.
3. Fiberfill
4. Coordinating thread
5. Sewing machine
6. Sewing pins
7.Rotary cutter/ fabric scissors with mat
8. Acrylic ruler

*Please read whole tutorial before starting project.

1. Cut lining and main fabric how ever you big you want the pillow to be. Give it at least half and inch seam allowance. I simply used 15X15 for mine. * If you are working with burlap, don't use your fabric scissors to cut it, seriously unless you intend on buying new ones.

Now you should have 2 pieces for the lining and 2 pieces for the outside part of your pillow.

2. Take one piece of lining and put it on top of main fabric, line it up and pin it. This will be one side your pillow, Do the same with the other 2 pieces.

3. Take your piece of fabric that has the graphic on it, you know the one that almost broke my printer. Decide where you want it on your pillow and pin it.

4. Take all 3 pieces ( graphic, lining and top part of the pillow ) to your sewing machine and sew on the piece of fabric that has the graphic. You should be sewing it on to the main fabric and the lining, the outside part.

5.Once that's done Take all 4 pieces ( both sets of main fabric and lining) put them wrong side out ( the graphic should be on the inside) line them up together and use pins to pin them together.

6. Take it to your sewing machine and use your half and inch seam allowance and sew the edges but leave at least 5 inches open.

7. Take the 5 inch opening you left and turn pillow to the right side so that the graphic is on the outside part.

8. Take your fiberfill and fill in your pillow. Once that is done take the 5 inches fold in the seam allowence and press. Use a ladder stich to close it up. If you dont know how to do a ladder stich just go here at How to sew for the super simple tutorial.

There you go, not only do you know how to make a simple pillow, but you also know how to personalize it. Remember, do not use burlap on your printer.


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