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Fabric Covered Tin Cans

I loved doing this, and it was so easy.  I simply saved my tin cans from whatever ( soup, veggies, coffee) peeled off the paper, ran it though the dishwasher. Ordered me some Modge Podge from amazon, which is so much cheaper than any craft store ( especially with Primes free shipping) used and old make up brush to apply the modge podge to the DRY tin can. Cut some fabric to fit the cans before hand, applied those to the modge podge covered cans then Viola! Storage space to put any writing utensil, makeup or whatever can fit in the can.
These are currently sitting on our Little Ones desk holding her makers,crayons and pencils. For an in detailed tutorial visit Simplicity in the South. Remember the less you throw away the smaller your family's foot print is :)


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