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Re-purpose old towels and scrap fabric into Hanging Dish Towels!

Hello :), I know its been a minute... what can I say I guess I proved to myself I am more Gamer than I am a crafter :P.
Anyways today I am going to show you how to re-purpose your old towels into hanging dish towels. Way better than spending your money on a few that will probably just get stained and eww anyways. You might as well recycle as you do so.


Old Towel
Any scrap Fabric/ fabric
Velcro Strip ( You can get a strip at almost any store for $2, or find something you don't need that has Velcro.)
Sewing Machine and your typical tools that go with it.
Printer Paper

**Please read all directions before starting project**

1.Grab your scrap fabric, this is leftover sheet material from the Fabric Shower Curtain Tutorial. Cut it in 12x4 inch strips. This will make the border of your Dishtowel. You need 3 for each dish towel you intend to make.

2. Fold them in half the wrong way of the fabric and sew them into bindings, and turn right side out so that the part you sewed is on the inside.

3. Go to kleiosbelly which is the blog that inspired me to make these, but hers is made a bit different than mine. Grab her pattern or you can free hand your own, its much easier to borrow hers, seriously I tried to free hand mine and it turned out all wonky. Anyways print out her pattern, cut it out and place it on more scrap fabric you intend on using. Pin and cut out. You need 2 of each pattern (front and back) for one dish towel.

4. Take the top part and bottom of the pattern line it up so the right sides are facing each other and sew.

5. Do this to all 4 and this is how it should look.

6. Grab your Velcro and cut out a square piece of each side about this big.

7. Grab one of your completed pattern and decide where you want the Velcro. Remember the Velcro is what is going to secure the dish towel on what ever you intend on fastening it on. Make sure they are lined up correctly and you have enough room once they are fastened together for the handle of the oven or the drawer or whatever you want to put it on. Pin it and sew around the edges of the Velcro.

8. Grab your old towel and cut it 12x10. 12 inch across and 10 inch down.

9. Take the bindings that you made, line it up to the edge of your towel, fold it around the edge so that it is even on each side of the 10 inch sides, pin and sew. Do this for each side EXCEPT of the top part of the towel. Make sure to overlap the bindings on the corners so you it looks finished. Cut of whatever is left over.

10. Grab the 2 patterns that is going to be the top part of the dishtowel. Face them right side together. The velco should be on the inside, pin and sew around the edge except for the bottom part which is the widest part.

11. Turn in right side in and this is what it should look like.

12. With the velcro facing down, take the pattern back to your sewing machine and do a top stitch to finish it off. This is how it should look once you are done.

13. Set that aside and grab you towel and fold it as you would a paper fan on top. For each fold pin it. It should now measure 6 inches across.

14. Sew it all the way across. Keep the folded parts folded as you sew.

15. Take the top part of your dish towel and tuck the towel in it about an inch. Use your thumbs and fold the fabric about a quarter of an inch to make a seam and pin it once its straight.

16. Sew right on the edge with a decorative stitch, I used the zigzag stitch.And that's it! You can make 6 dishtowels with one old bath towel. Now you never have to buy dish towels ever again :)


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