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Re- Purpose Pasta Jars as Soap Dispensers!

Hey! hope all is well with ya'll, Been a bit busy all week, summer is here in my neck of the woods, that means swimming, canoeing, tubing with fam and friends among other things, so don't be to angry if I miss a week posting here and there, but I promise you I will my best. I do post at least a few times a week on the Facebook Page, not necessarily a tutorial, but I do try to post some helpful DIY's. I also started an ETSY store and I'm trying to come up with more items for it.

Now that the blatant commercialism is done , today I am going to show you how to make a soap dispenser out of your old pasta jars. Its so easy its ridiculous. So anyways lets get to it!!!


Pasta Jar and Lid
Phillips head Screw Driver
Acrylic paints ( Color of your choice)
A pump lid ( You can get them off your face wash, sanitizer or soap dispensers. I saved mine from one of my face washes. I knew I would eventually use that for something)
Glue Gun/Glue stick (optional)

* Pleas read all directions before starting project.

1. Grab your old pasta jar and soak it in soapy hot water so you can take the labels off. Give it about 15 minutes, and if its still difficult to take off just grab a butter knife, hold it under water and scrape it off.

2. While your pasta jar soaks, grab the top for it and hold your Phillips head screw driver. Put the screw driver head right in the middle, Grab a hammer, in this case I just grabbed one of my knives and used the handle to hit the top of the screw driver until it punctures the lid. Or just push the screw driver down into it, whatever works for you, just don't hurt yourself.

3. Grab the lid with the screw driver and push the thick part of the screw driver though it til your lid pump fits all the way though it. I had to work it left and right also just to make the hole big enough. Make sure not to make too big of a hole. I kept measuring it with the pump as I stretched the hole.

4. Next, take your glue gun and put glue on the inner edge of the pump, just enough to glue it to the lid. This part is optional, the pump will work regardless if you do this or not.

5. Grab your paints, mix up the colors that you want and paint the jar lid and the pump that's attached. While the paint dries grab your jar you have soaking and get the labels off.

6. Once your paint is dry, grab soap, hand sanitizer, your face wash. What ever you want to put in it and put the lid on and your done!

As you can tell I went a bit crazy with the paint, I loved the color I mixed up and I wanted everything to match..lol

Have fun, and I'm sure this wont be the last pasta jar project so save them. Dont save more than 5 or people will start thinking your a hoarder :D


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