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Fabric Covered Monogram

Ok so this one was a bit of a pain. If you decide to do this, when you make  your letter make sure you do not leave the edge or your letters for last.Like an idiot I did and good lawd it was a pain. This project consist of Cereal boxes, tape, modge podge and an old shirt.
I was originally going to make a yarn coverd letter that I pinned at A Smith Of All Trades, but it consisted yarn which I did not have at the moment. So I figured I would use modge podge and cover up my letter with and old Fly Leaf shirt of mine. Follow the instructions on how to make your monogram in the tutorial, grab an old shirt or whatever fabric you want to use draw your letter on the fabric 2x and before you cut it out make sure you have enough fabric to cover the sides. Iron fabric and cover monogram as you would a present and make sure there are no wrinkles ( use your Id or something similar to iron out wrinkles) Let it dry and there you go. You just made something that would have cost you over $15 at a craft store for basically free.I swear I will do better with my own tutorials when it comes to step by step pictures. I dint intend on starting a blog, these where just pics to show my friends on FaceBook.


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