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Needle Work Family Portrait

Need some new ideas for gifts? especially for the grandparents or In laws?
Today I'm going to show you how to make a family portrait, not your typical 8X10 family picture, but something I think is a bit more special.
Considering its made by your own hands and you took the time and effort to make it, whom ever receives this gift will love it, or add it to your hand made wall art collection.

I was intending on showing ya'll a completely different tutorial today, but unfortunately the phone with the pics which I had that tutorial on is nowhere to be found at this point, so this is going to have to suffice you until next weekend.

1. Coordinating Thread (Color for each hand and one more for the monogram and the date.)Use needle work thread or this will take longer, I used normal sewing thread and I just finished the letter this morning.
2. Cross stitch hoop.
3. Any fabric that your thread is going to stand out on ( Once again used left over woven interface. I love this stuff, it reminds me of canvas and plus I seriously have to use this stuff so I don't feel guilty buying more interface for other projects which btw I think this is the last of.)\
4. Any frame you want to put it in.
5. Fabric Pen
6. Stencil of letter you want. (optional)
* Please read all directions before starting project.


1. Take your frame and trace it with your fabric pen on your fabric, this will be your work area. ( Press fabric after, Unlike me..lol)

2. Trace you families hands on top of each other. make sure you can tell from each hand.

3. Write the date where you want it.

4. Take your stencil and trace it where you want it, or you can just write the letter. I personally used a stencil cause I wanted to try my hand at different stitches.

5. Apply your fabric to the hoop. Work on your hands first. I used a back stitch on it. If you dont know how to back stitch you can watch this tutorial. Its crazy easy. Do the same thing to the date.

6. Once your hands are done, move your fabric so that the hoop is focused on the letter, outline the letter using the back stitch.

7. Once the outline is done, all you need to do is fill in the letter with a satin stitch. If you don't know how to do it go to this tutorial and just scroll down to satin stitch. This is where I learned to do it, also super easy but a bit time consuming especially if you don't have the right thread.

8. Once your done, all you need to do is cut out the work so if fits in your frame. Which I have not done but you get the gist :)

* I found that I loved doing needlework, Its very time consuming but so relaxing. I intend on doing more when I get the chance. I'd love to see projects using this tutorial. Have fun and always try to use what you already have in hand.


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