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Divided Organizer Bucket

I do most of my crafting at night when I tuck the little one in, and every once in a while I have a bit of wine while crafting. I'm pretty sure I had more than a glass the night I tried to make this...
Yeah it looks normal now, but wait until you compare it to the tutorial..lol
Made it for the hubby to keep his car cleaner, yeah I know it super girly fabric but he dint mind. The fabric was sale and he loves saving money. I'm also pretty sure it's sitting in his car empty and unused. The next time I go in there and find it empty I intend on taking it back and just using it myself :) The fabric and interface is left over from the grab and go traveler. I think the only thing I did different was the little top stitch on top so now it looks nothing like the bucket in the tutorial. It's a different interface than what the tutorial asked for but I'm all about using what I have. When I pinned this and decided to make it that night I had no intentions on going to the store and spending more money on interface. I think it still turned out quite well considering I spent no money on it. 
The tutorial can be found at Art gallery Graphics. Enjoy :)


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