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DIY fabric toilet paper holder

I liked making this, except for that little ribbon that actually holds it to the toilet paper holder. I recommend to make yours a bit thicker than what the tutorial says. It was a pain in the a@@...Folding, ironing and then trying to sew this tiny piece of fabric. My husband recently got an award from work and this is what I made him as a gift..lol He loves it though, of course he loves anything I make. I intend on making a better looking one with better fabric once I get done trying to make new stuff or maybe one night I just want something easy and something I have already made therefore hopefully less mistakes will be made..lol

The fabric is the same old sheet that I made the fabric bins from. yes I still have plenty left. The interface is left over interface from the Grab N Go traveler. I think I'll make one for our Little Ones bathroom but with just one space. The tutorial is at Make It- Love it and again this project cost nothing and you guys know how I love free :)


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