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No sew Fabric covered Boxes

This has got to be the most useful thing ever. If you can recall I covered those tin cans with fabric, well when I made those fabric boxes. Considering how many I thought I needed it was just exhausting thinking about doing all that sewing. I love to sew, I love doing it for fun, I dont want it to feel like a dam job and that what it would have felt like If I sewed as many as I wanted. Let me get to the point. I found an easier way to do it ( thank god!) The tutorial is at In My Own Style. Keep in mind if you have been saving your cardboard boxes you can make your own boxes. I personally wanted to make the boxes for storage for my pantry. I shaped the boxes to what I wanted to store and now its so much more organized in there.
These are one of my own while making it. I use bobby pins to keep the edges down. It dries within 3 minutes. Of course I also did not use white glue, I used Modge Podge :)


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