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Print any graphic on any fabric using your printer!

I cant speak for anyone else but myself I cannot stand iron on transfers. I hate that plastic look, its horrible.
I found a tutorial that lets you use your printer to print on fabric itself, I found that it didn't really work for me but I switched it up and experimented a bit til it did. Of course its only an 8X11 piece of fabric, but until you find an iron on transfer that you actually like, think of the possibilities.

*Please read whole tutorial before you begin the project. Try this project at your own risk. It MIGHT mess up your printer. I've done this over 10x with mine and its perfectly fine, but then again lazer jet printers are not made to print on fabric.


1. Piece of fabric that you want to print on.

2. 2 pieces of printer paper

3. Glue stick/ Spray adhesive

4. Iron

5. Graphic that you want to print out

6. Lazer jet printer

1. Cut your piece of fabric as big as your printer paper.

2. Take one piece of your printer paper and apply glue or spray adhesive to one side. I had to use modge pode, my glue stick died. Making sure the sides of the fabric is glued on to the paper is very important otherwise you will create a paper jam in your printer.

3. Stick your piece of fabric to printer paper.

4. Heat up iron, put other piece of printer paper over fabric and iron over paper for about 2 minutes. Keep moving iron so you don't start a fire.

5. Once that is dry, put fabric/paper in printer so that it prints on the fabric.

6. Get graphic ready and go to print setting and make sure it prints on "plain paper" and the out put quality is "high quality' or if you don't have that option, set your printer up so it prints its darkest and print.

7. Once its printed out, carefully separate paper and fabric. There you go :) I plan on sewing this piece of fabric on a pillow I'm making. I'll have the tutorial for that next week. Have fun!

If this method does not work for you, try the original tutorial at The Graphics Fairy.


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