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Star Trek Delta Shield Paper Mache Sculpture.

Today I want to show you how to make an awesome paper mache sculpture out of the star trek insignia, especially since Star wars came just came and I like Star wars just fine, but I love me some Star Trek so I had to show some Trekkie love.

1. Cardboard saved from cereal boxes or whatever
2. Tape
3. Paper mache Glue. If you don't have the recipe you can it at the bottom of this tutorial.
4. Silver spray Paint
5. Gold Spray Paint
6. Scissors
7. Toilet paper roll
8. Glue
9. Strips of newspapers.

*Please read tutorial before starting project

1. Get on google and search for "Star Trek Delta Shield". Look at an example of one of the images.

2. Take two of your card board boxes and draw free hand the shield itself for how ever big you want it. One for the each part of the Delta shield . Take your scissors and cut them out.

3. Take your cardboard cutouts and trace them on two other pieces of cardboard and cut it out so you have two copies of each piece of the Delta Shield for your top part and bottom part.

4. Take your toilet paper roll and cut it in 4 pieces keeping in mind that they each pair has to be exactly the same height.

5. Take pieces of your toilet paper roll the same size and glue it on top of one piece of the Delta Shield, glue other piece on top of the small pieces of toilet paper roll. Let it dry.

6. Once that dries, take your take tape and use it to ill in the gaps on the sides.

7. With your ready paper mache glue, grab your newspapers dip it in your glue and go to town :) Once its all covered let it dry for 24 to 48 hours and add another layer of glue and newspaper. The more layers you put on it the harder the Shield will get. I only put 2 layers on mine.

8. Once you are satisfied with your shield and its completely dry, spray paint the Star Fleet arrow-head silver and the shield itself gold. When you spray paint keep spray paint nozzle at least 6 inches away from object or you will get too much paint on it and the paint will run. Put on as many layers as you want. let that dry and your done. :)


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