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Painted wine bottle Christmas Decorations

Trying to get all my Christmas projects out to you guys before it actually gets here. So here's one a few days early.

Please read all directions before starting your project.


Flat protective enamel spray paint (optional) * Yes this is optional but I highly recommend it.
Gold spray paint
Metal or silver spray paint
Leaves or parts of your Christmas tree ( I kept parts of our tree that hubby cut off as he was putting it up)

1. Soak wine bottles in hot soapy water for a few minutes, labels should peel off. If not use your sponge and scrub it off. Save your wine corks, I'm sure we will do a project on that later. If there is still glue on it, you can grab some rubbing alcohol and a paper towel and rub it off.

2. Make sure wine bottle is dry and spray protective enamel all over bottle. Also make sure your spray paint at least 6 inches away from the bottle otherwise you will get too much paint on it and it will drip ruining the bottle. Let it dry for at least half an hour. Check to make sure its dry before you try the next step.

3. Take your silver or gold spray paint, which ever one you want the main color and spray the bottle the same way as you did the enamel. Let it dry.

* We had company over,I forgot to take a pic of this part.

4. Take your leaf or part of your tree, what ever your using hold it against the bottle and carefully spray the item so that it makes a pattern on the paint of your bottle. Do it as many times on the bottle as you want. Always keep the spray paint at least 6 inches away from the bottle.

*This is how it looks after, it almost looks like feathers from the leaves.

* I wrapped this one with fabric, just to see how it would look.

*I sprayed spray paint that's suppose to make the object look like stone on this one before I sprayed it silver.

5. Let it dry.

6. There you go, now you know what to do with those wine bottles. You can always recycle them later if you wish. You can use any color paint you want. I intend on making a few to decorate for each season. You can always add a burlap bow or whatever else,experiment.

Have fun :)



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